Impact of students’preferred learning style on their attitude towards statistics

Students have different attitudes and beliefs regarding the course of statistics, which affects the way that they will perform within the classroom and their behavior after they leave the classroom. Their performance and learning ability is also affected by different learning styles, all of which contribute to their attitude towards a particular subject. Therefore, the objective of this study is to determine whether different learning styles (Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic) helps to predict student’s attitude towards the subject of statistics. After detailed literature review it was hypothesized that students’ learning style will predict their attitude towards statistics. Studentswere taken from the University of Karachi all of whom were enrolled to take the one Statistics course in the field of Social Sciences. This sample wastaken from both Masters level students and MPhil students from the Department of Psychology, University of Karachi. For this Attitude towards Statistics (ATS) (Wise, 1985) and V.A.R.K (Visual, Aural/Audio, Read/Write and Kinesthetic) by Fleming& Mills (1992) was administered. Descriptive statistics along with correlation and regression analysiswereapplied for statistical analysis of data using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS, V 21.0). It was revealed that Kinesthetic mode of learning not only has a positive correlation with the Attitude towards Statistics as a whole and its sub-scales (Attitude towards Course and Attitude towards Field), but also significantly predicts these variables. In addition it was also observed that Read/write and Kinesthetic style of Learning significantly predicts Exam Performance.

Dr. AmenaZehra Ali and HafsaRafiq
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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