Impact of mass media and e-learning in medical students of government medical college, pauri garhwal region, Uttarkhand, North India

Background: The main objective of the research paper is focused on impact of mass media internet on learning behavior of undergraduate medical students. An overall 90 students were sampled from 400 medical students who were posted in the H. N. Bahuguna Base Teaching Hospital attached to the above medical college excluding all the first year MBBS students. Methods: This was an one time observational cross sectional study. The data was collected by questionnaire set by experienced faculty members of the institution. Results: On an average each male student spends about 22 minutes and a female spends 20.2 minutes per day in reading the news papers. Over all the magazine reading trend among the students was 28.2% in males and 23.5% in females. The average time spent in reading magazines per sitting was 22.5 minutes in males 27.5 minutes in females. The average time spent by students with teacher in the class room or beside (60%) i.e., for 3 hours and 30 minutes for both the sexes. The average time spent in self study (40%) either at library or in the hostel is 2 hours 18 minutes for males and 2 hours 28 minutes for girls including e-learning. The average time spent in self study using smart phones 25 minutes for males and 46 for females. The average time spent for e- learning by use of lap tops 51 minutes for males and 47 minutes for females. Conclusions: All students possessed mobile phones and 48 students possessed laptops. Analysis of time spent by the students in learning shows males spend 24.75% and females 48.4% of their total study time in downloading and learning from the internet. Average time spent for entertainment using the above gadets is 55 minutes for boys and 21 minutes for girls. Those who did not possess lap tops, shared or borrowed from their friends were 15.5% and about 8.3% were visiting cyber café. The females were accessing and using internet more than the males either for learning or entertainment.

Dr. Kakarla Thota Kanugolu Murali Mohan, Dr.Rajiv Garg, Dr. Yog, I.S. Dr. Prem Singh, B. and Dr. Kakarla Ujjwala
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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