Image processing in advanced esthetic dentistry

Image processing of dental digital photographs is a novel technique which has to be studied thoroughly and implemented in the dental practice especially in patients requiring esthetic rehabilitation. Image processing system although available and widely used in dental digital radiography its use in dental digital photography is introduced off late. Digital acquisition of dental photographs enables computer based image processing to enhance image quality and increase the accuracy of interpretation. Usage of Matlab image processing system helps in image processing operations like image restoration, image enhancement, image analysis, image segmentation and image compression. Image processing not only helps extensively in analysis and treatment planning, but also helps the patient understand and appreciate the treatment outcome. Digital photographic imaging process helps in improving diagnostic efficacy, better patient communication and planning a comprehensive treatment to the patients

Dr. Surabhi Rairam, Priyanka Rairam, Dr. Shruti Rairam, Dr. Soumya Allurkar, Raghavendra Hunasgi, Dr. Kiran Ghatole
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