Ict skills amongthe departmental library professionals in aligarh muslim university, India

The purpose of this study was to know the information and communication technology (ICT) skill among departmental library professionals in a range of AligarhMuslim University (AMU). A questionnaire based survey was conducted among the professionals of different cadres of 6 faculties’ libraries. Analysis of the data depicted that, on a self-assessment basis, the Professional Assistants are more ICT literates than the Semi Professional Assistants and Assistant Librarians because of they are very young in comparison of the high cadre professionals. It is reveledthat most of the departmental library professionals have a goodproficiency in using different ICT based applications.The use of ICT-based resources and services, library management software is higher among the Social Science Faculty’s Library Professionals than the other faculties’ professionals. The findings of the study reveal that, most of the professionals are positive look on professionals development activities and agree with the effectiveness of training programmes particularly, on-the-job training. Library professionals are not facing the problems in the effective use of general ICT applications. In-house training will be helpful to improve professionals job performance and effort to develop new services from what they had learned.

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Int J Inf Res Rev
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