Heat transfer through porous media: an overview

The phenomenon of heat transfer through a porous medium plays an important role in many problems which deals with transport of flow. It acquired advantage in the fact that the governing equations relating to diverse flow and transport phenomena in porous media are all generally based on the same form of mass as well as energy conservation laws. Various dimensionless parameters such as Nusselt number, Reynolds number etc. which predominant the flow of heat in porous media, are denoted. It is seen that with increases of thickness of the porous layer and Reynolds number, the rate of heat transfer increases along the flow direction. For non-Newtonian fluid the temperature and concentration of the wall are constant. Heat transfer through a porous medium is found to be potentially appropriate exhibiting novel properties that make them useful in many applications in nano technology.

Purna Chandra Barman, Ashoke Das and Md. Rabiul Islam
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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