The growth pole syntax: the case of bengal gems and jewellery and zari and embroidery industry

The present study attempts to focus on: why several informal localized industries are concentrated in specific geographical clusters and why not in others. In this sense, the study objects to detect the factors that determine location of informal industries in specific spaces, influences of these determinants to localized industry formation, and cost-effectiveness of setting up of production in such spatial clusters. To reveal these, the study is confined to two specific sites of West Bengal: namely Domjur Gems and Jewellery industry and Panchla Zari and Embroidery industry. Further, the specificity of the two spaces lies in the fact that they are the sole Growth Pole(s) in West Bengal among the selected six Growth Poles in India. The sites have been selected on the basis of their importance to the map of Bengal informal industries. The logical argumentation of the study is based on literature support specifically of the classical and new economic geography school, case studies conducted, and the primary survey results. The micro-level field surveys, sampling design and data analysis of the study conducted is based on the standard model approach.

Sri SukantaSaha
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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