Groundwater contamination and effective ways of rectification

Groundwater contamination is a common occurrence the world over. When it occurs, it is very difficult and expensive to overcome. Since groundwater is a major source of potable water and the most widespread, it is very necessary to explore all avenues to avert its contamination. The impact that contamination has on groundwater, its environment and consumers were discussed. These include health hazard, imbalance in the ecosystem, water scarcity, negative economy and inflation. The various steps to prevent groundwater contamination such as efficient waste disposal method, safe storage and handling of hazardous materials and protection of chemicals or waste from floods and rainfall percolating underground were briefly discussed. Also discussed under prevention are good management of waste products, monitoring of storage tanks and pipelines, well monitoring as well as formulation of an effective Water Policy. The solution to contamination are broadly grouped into two; namely ex-situ and in-situ technologies. Some case studies were analyzed for future references.

Colonel V.O. Fagoyinbo and Dairo, V.A.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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