Green dentistry: a metamorphosis towards an eco-friendly dentistry: a review

Traditional Dentistry produces waste materials that cause harm to the soil and to the biosphere. So it is the need of the hour what every one of us in the Dental profession can do our bit to protect our planet. Eco-Dentistry or "Green Dentistry" is an approach to Dentistry that combines Dental practices and environmental conservation. A green Dental practice use non-toxic products, reduce waste, reduce the carbon footprint, saves energy, water, money, incorporates high tech innovations and focuses on wellness and integrative practices. It is the wave of the future. The purpose of this review is to raise widespread awareness of environmental alternatives in the Dental community and to provide a series of "green" recommendations that Dentists around the world can implement to become leading stewards of the environment

Dr. Srinivasan, K. and Dr. Chitra, S.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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