Flexural properties of a kenaf fiber reinforced in polypropylene resin

Natural Composites typically have a fiber or particle phase that is stiffer and stronger than the continuous matrix phase and serve as the principal load carrying members. The matrix acts as a load transfer medium between fibers, and in less ideal cases where the loads are complex, the matrix may even have to bear loads transverse to the fiber axis. In this research the kenaf fiber is treated with NaOH solution and the fibers are properly reinforced with polypropylene resin in a matrix form to prepare hybrid composite laminates of 6mm thicknesses thereafter to determine the mechanical properties like flexural strength flexural modulus with suitable specimens. So the matrix also serves to protect the fibers from environmental damage before, during and after composite processing. When designed properly, the new combined material exhibits better strength than would each individual material. Composites are used not only for their structural properties, but also for electrical, thermal, and eco-friendly environmental applications.

Shanker Banothu, Kranthi kumar Guduru, Ramesh babu. M., Swathi, P. and Vivak Tennyson
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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