Flexibility exercise and physical activity improveing older adults cognitive function: 25 years overview

Introduction: Physical as well as mental health of older adults tends to continuously declined around the world. Advancements in medical science in the past century have markedly increased life expectancy but have also heralded a broad set of challenges that accompany an aging population. Age-related cognitive decline is one such challenge, producing wide ranging psychological, social, and economic consequences at both the individual and population level. Evidence suggests that age-related neuro cognitive-decline should not be seen as fixed or immutable. Rather, cognitive function seems to benefit from a healthy lifestyle, most notably from regular physical activity. Aim: The aim of this project was to review the scientific literature of flexibility exercise and physical activity and its effect on cognitive function of older adults. Method: The researcher independently evaluated the scientific studies according to 5 criteria of methodological quality. The five criteria are (i) Age 50 to 90 years (ii) Flexibility exercise (iii) subject men and women (iv) Physical Exercise (v) Cognitive function. Conclusion: Cognitive function can improve by the flexibility Exercise and various physical activities of older adults when mental function started decline

Santanu Patar
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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