Factors to be taken into consideration for the success of a ph.d thesis; an empirical analysis

Doctorate in Philosophy is a prestigious endea vour though it has many up’s and down’s which has to be come across .The roots of Ph.D may be bitter but the fruits are always sweet. Many PhD students feel it difficult in writing their thesis. Combining three to seven years of research into a single, coherent piece of work can be tough. Ph.D is not all about writing a thesis it is more than writing which has to be understood and that is perfection. The future golden years must talk the worthiness of the masterpiece and that is the joy which the researcher should cherish. Wright from the selection of a research supervisor until the date of obtaining a research degree certificates the researchers have a tough time. There are various factors which must be considered to finish this endeavour in a smooth way. This paper tries to explore the complicated problems present in finishing a Ph.D thesis in a simple way. Great this is very complex but when they are broken into smaller pieces they look easy. The same principle is to be applied in case of a Doctorate in philosophy. The results obtained from the analysis are highly useful for the researchers to cope up with their endeavour. From the problems identified from the researchers a factor analysis is carried out to finalize the problem constructs. The reliability of the instrument is checked using Cronbach’s alpha which shows .800 and proves the set of questions to be perfect. With relation to sample adequacy test and sphericity test (P < 0.0005) and the chi square value is (297.865) and thus it is strong enough to proceed with the factor analysis. Practical implications of the findings are also discussed.

Dr. Nixon Amirtharaj, E. and Mr. Anand Shankar Raja
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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