Factors associated with blood donation attitude among national guards health affairs (ngha) staff - a cross sectional study 2011

This cross sectional study was carried out among the premises of the National Guards Health Affairs, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during July 2011. A total number of 236 persons were chosen from the both sex in convince sampling method of five different locations which are the Hospital, admin building, Iscan Clinics, blood bank and King Saud bin Abdul Aziz University for health science. Each individual complete a questionnaire in English Language containing demographical data, clinical characteristic, behavior and attitude regarding blood donation and reasons of blood donation or non donation. Out of 236 individual, 122 (51.5%) were males and 114 (48.5) were female. (82.5%) persons calculated as Non smoker. (48.8%) of the total sample were single. The majority (93.8%) of the total sample did not have any chronic diseases. Physicians counted to be (14%), nurses (29.7%), administrative (27.1%), students (12.6%) and others (29.3%) of the total sample number. For blood donation, physicians took the highest percentage of previous donation with (62.5%) and administrative persons took the lowest one with (30.6%) of the total sample number. As a strata, blood bank employers were in 1st place for donating (83.3%) of the total blood bank sample. University staff were in the last place (32.4%) of the total University sample. For previous need of blood transfusion, only 8.1% of the participants needed for blood. (90%) of the participants believed that blood donation is not a harmful procedure.

Haitham Mohammed A. Alduraywish
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