Evaluation of hypoglycemic effect of aloe vera on allaxon induced diabetic rats

Aloe vera is used worldwide for several medical purposes as alternative medicine The present study, is an attempt to evaluate the hypoglycemic effects of aqueous leaf extract of Aloe vera Alloxon injection(65mg /kg body weight) induced hyperglycemia, Oral administration of aqueous extract of Aloe vera at a dose of 0.5ml /100gm body weight for a prolonged period (30days) significantly reduced blood sugar levels and rise in liver glycogen content in allaxon induced diabetic rats compared with control group. The treatment with aqueous extract of leaves also showed improvement in the body weight, food and water consumption in allaxon induced diabetic rats. Prolonged treatment of rats with Aloe extract did not show any toxic effect.

Dr. Joyamma John
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Int J Biol Med Res.
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