Evaluation of cinnamon mouthwash on candida albicans in type II diabetics with chronic periodontitis: A pilot study

Background and objectives: The aim of the study is to assess the candidial carriage in type II diabetes patients with chronic periodontitis according to the duration of diabetes,gender and age also to evaluate the effect of cinnamon mouthwash on candida albicans in type II diabetic patients with chronic periodontitis.Exfoliative cytology was used as a screening tool for detecting candida albicans. Material and methods: 30 patients were divided into 2 groups that is diabetic type II patients with chronic periodontitis (test) and non-diabetic patients with chronic periodontitis(control). Glycosylated haemoglobin, questionnaire regarding duration of diabetes and medications were recorded and exfoliative cytology was carried out to detect candida albicans. Patients with candida albicans positive were taken up for the study. Both groups underwent scaling and root planing .On completion freshly prepared cinnamon mouthwash was dispensed in 100ml bottles with instruction for usage. At end of 3months exfoliative cytology was done and patients were advised to stop usage of mouthwash one week after cessation of mouthwash patients were recalled for clinical examination and exfoliative cytology. Results: Candidal carriage was more in diabetics than non diabetics with chronic periodontitis. There was no difference between gender and the candidal carriage was more in patients with longer duration of diabetes over 10 years and severity of candidal carriage was more according to the duration. Candidal carriage was found to be more in uncontrolled diabetics. There was significant reduction in candidal carriage between baseline and 3 weeks in diabetic patients and in non-diabetics. After cessation of mouthwash recolonisation of candida albicans was observed in both the groups. Conclusion: Results of the study proved the potential of cinnamon as an anti-fungal agent.

Dr. Sheela Kumar Gujjari, Dr. Shreeshyla HS, Dr. J Suresh and Dr. Venkatesh, M.P.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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