Evaluation of antibacterial and haemostatic activities of organic extracts of cardopatium corymbosum l

The first biological study of Cardopatium corymbosum L. consists of analyzing qualitatively and quantitatively the methanolic, dichloromethanic, and etheropetrolic extracts from aerial part and investigating the antibacterial and haemostatic activities. The qualitative analyses of these extracts by thin layer chromatography (TLC) reveal the probable presence of quercetin and 4- hydroxybenzoic acid in the methanolic extract. The quantitative estimation of total polyphenols (by Folin-Ciocalteu’s method), the flavonoids (by AlCl3 method), and condensed tannins (by vanillin method) has shown the richness of these extracts. The extracts are also subjected to a sifting for their possible antibacterial activity in vitro against eight species of bacteria by employing Agar-gel diffusion method. Each one is reacted positively on one of the bacterial strains tested at least. The evaluation of haemostatic activity (by the method of recalcification of plasma) showed a diminution of coagulation tense.

Leila HAMBABA, Ghania YAKHLEF, Leila KARA, 1Kelthoum BOUABDELLAH, Nabil GHEDADBA, Amar AYACHI and Mohamed Cherif ABERKANE
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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