Estimation of vertical and tire force of a vehicle

The estimation of tire force from the ground is the most peculiar forces which act on the suspension parts and it is transferred to other parts. In general, the forces are assumed as 2g or 3g forces which act on the suspension parts and it leads to increase in material cost and increase in material dimensions due to the reason of factor of safety. The tire force generated from the ground due to the road surface can be estimated by using a displacement sensor, which measures the displacement continuously and it is controlled by microcontroller which gives the value of the load acting on the suspension and the tyre force is estimated by means of motion ratio of the particular suspension system. To do this, a microcontroller and a displacement sensor is used for the current test in a vehicle. So, the vehicle manufacturer, instead of assuming the forces, they can actually estimate the maximum tire force generated from the ground of that particular prototype vehicle and the material used for the suspension can be optimized leading to cost reduction and material reduction for the further optimization of the vehicle. This finding will clearly estimate the forces generated from the tire and it can be used for the optimization of the material used in the suspension system, which leads to a compact vehicle, with low weight and increased performance with lower fuel consumption.

Saibernard, Y.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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