To estimate the liver function and hyperkalemic effect on tolvaptan therapy in neurodisorder

Hundred millions of people worldwide are affected by neurological disorders. Hyponatermia, the most electrolyte disorder in hospitalized patients. For the improvement of hyponatremia the pharmacological option include arginine vasopresssin antagonist such as tolvaptan has been shown to improve diueresis and symptoms relief without adversely affecting the renal function and promising novel therapeutic agents in the growing population of patients having neurological disorder. There is a relation between tolvaptan and liver enzymes as well as hyperkalemia .Tolvaptan recently has been implicated in causing serum aminotransferase elevation in liver function abnormalities during long term neurological syndrome and elevation of potassium levels in the blood .In this review is designed to investigate the correlation the liverfunctions and tolvaptan in neurodisorder and also find out the influence of potassium levels in tolvaptan taking neuropatients.

Mathew George, Lincy Joseph and Jesline Raju
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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