Effect of preservative treatments on the quality of freeze dried statice

The present invention relates to method of preserving flowers for use in decorative displays. The study was conducted to explore the effect of selected preservation treatments on the quality of Statice flower in floral freeze dryer. This study comprises, selection of flowers, hydrating, pre treating, freeze drying and post treating the flowers, whereby the cut flower can maintain qualities similar to those of the natural state for a long period of time. The flower treated with preservative Silverthiosulphate (STS) during hydration process, followed by pre treatment with improved composition T5 (blending less harsh dehydrant, colour fixer and colour preservative), after hydration and pretreatment these flowers were dried with freeze drier and followed by post treatment i.e., application of Acrylic clear spray as sealant was found to be effective for retaining intrinsic traits of the flowers.

Metta Siresha and Mahalakshmi V. Reddy
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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