Effect of nutrition supplementation on post-parturition in sheep from the tocantins region of maranhão State, Brazil

The production of sheep is an activity of high economic importance in the Brazilian north-east region. However several factors, such as the management, impossibility of high performance, especially in reproduction and the post-parturition in various animals of zootecnic interest. We evaluated different practices of nutrition management to evaluate the effects of post-parturition in sheep, in the southwestern of Maranhão, Brazil. The treatments were analyzed with ANOVA and Studente-Newman-Keuls tests (0.05). The treatments demonstrated significant differences, with the treatment by creep feeding with high performance decreasing the interval and variations of days between parturitions . There was also an increased estimated reproduction life at 6.26 to 7.75 parturitions in control and creep feeding treatments, respectively. The nutrition management in sheep supplemented in conditions of creep feeding improves the zootecnics index of reproduction and qualitative management of sheep.

Ednaldo da Silva Filho, Marcelo de Souza Farias, Paulo Henrique de Souza and Sandra Cristina Becker Silva
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