Education standard amongst minorities of Jharkhand: Problems and remedies

The state of Jharkhand emerged from the Southern area of Bihar as the 28th state in the year 2000. The state is rich in Mines, Infrastructure materials and other resources. The Hindus form the majority class of the state and the Muslims (14.5%) and Christianity (4.3%) come under the category of minorities. Education level of any society reflects the prosperity of the state as well. In India, few state are leading in the education system while some still lag behind. The data of Education status of Jharkhand, reflects, that as regards to percentage, the Muslims, are in a quite good position. But when a comparative study of other minorities is done, the Muslims lag behind to some extent. The paper aims to study, in detail, the problems related to educational structure of minorities in Jharkhand with special reference to Muslims. The study will be based on Census data and other Primary data available of state.

Dr. Archana
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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