Ecommerce: a new art form

What creative project do you have in the back of your mind? Writing that novel? Putting together a bluegrass band? Painting the sunsets over the Rio Grande? How about starting a business? When you think of the term creative endeavour, does launching or running a business come to mind? To most creative people, business is the antithesis of creativity. Yet slowly, ever so slowly, the nature of business is changing. The need for innovation in business is gradually overtaking the need for control as the resource that makes the difference between success and failure. Really? But isn't business essentially about control? Controlling resources and controlling people? Yes, but business is also about innovation and communication, both of which live at the heart of creativity.

Mr.Gururaj. Allurkar, Mrs.Parimala Kirangi, Dr.Soumya. Allurkar Ms.Priyanka Rairam and Dr. Surabhi Rairam
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