Double clocks multi-channel p-persistent random multiple access protocol with three-way handshake mechanism

The paper proposed a double clocks multi-channel p-persistent random multiple access protocol based on three-way handshake mechanism. By introduction of the inquire response three-way handshake mechanism increases the reliability and stability of the system, improves the channel utilization; by the use of the multi-channel mechanism, not only improve the system throughput, but also realize that different business with different throughput and make the system meet the different priorities with different QoS both efficiently fairly; To shorter the system idle time, we adopt the double clocks mechanism which basic principle is that the channel is the continuous clock manner during channel is idle; the channel is the slot time manner during channel is busy.

Hongwei Ding, Shengjie Zhou, Yifan Zhao, Zhijun Yang, Qianlin Liu
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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