Digitization of educational resources in Nigerian academic libraries: prospects, challenges and the way forward

This paper discusses the process of digitization of educational resources in academic libraries in Nigeria, the challenges faced by libraries and the way forward.Digitization is aprocess by which an electronic representation of a tangible item is created. Therefore, digitization of educational resources implies the conversion of educational resourcesfrom the analogy to the electronic format. It involves transferring materials from tangible to digital format; this protects the original item from damage while providing public access to materials that might otherwise be restricted. The paper outlines some benefits which Nigerian academic libraries could derive from the digitization project which include: security of library collections, improved preservation and conservation of library resources,space conservation and improvement of library services to users. Also, the paper reveals some hurdles standing on the way of Nigerian academic libraries which could prevent them from effectively digitizing their collections; such as:digital illiteracy among library personnel,funding, inadequate supply of electricity, lack of modern infrastructure and technical experts .The paper concludes by pointing out some important measures that could help in resolving the challenges confronting the Nigerian academic libraries in digitizing their educational resources.

Yaya, Japheth A. and Adeeko, Kikelomo
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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