Determining teacher’s level of job satisfaction in multan division

In the world, teacher is vigorous person. He plays an important role in growth of student‘s character. Beside of his efforts, society does not pay him reward according to his work hard. Due to this reason in Multan Division a project is started to council that whether the teachers are rewarded regarding to their efforts or not. The aim of the study is to determine the level of satisfaction of job of the college lecturers regarding their salaries, promotion chances, Security of Service, Social Status and other benefits. For this purpose 200 teachers from different colleges and institutions are randomly selected, such college teachers are not fully satisfied with their jobs, pay scales, service security, promotion chances, social status and other fringe benefits given to them according to their grade. He acts as a communicator disciplinarian, conveyer of information, counselor and surrogate parent. In spite of all this hard work, in reward, he neither gets the reasonable salary nor the prestige and social status, which he deserves. In view of the need for the satisfaction and its impact on teachers’ performance, the study was conducted in Multan. The security needs include the need for safety, fair treatment, protection against threats, job security etc. Affiliation needs include the needs of being loved, accepted, part of a group etc. whereas esteem needs include the need for recognition, respect, achievement, autonomy, independence etc.

Ghulam Mustafa, Multan, Noor Ul Ain, Saeed Fatima and Sidra Saleem
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