Cyberwarfare: Artificial intelligence in the frontlines of combat

In the last decade of the proliferation of the World Wide Web (www), there has been a shift from normal human combat warfare to electronic warfare, where a person with a computer can do more damage to the infrastructure of a country than thousands of soldiers. The amount of data, intelligence, and damage generated by such warfare is astronomical. This type of warfare requires artificial intelligence (AI) and Expert Systems to go to the forefront of the battlefield in order to analyze data and trends to identify potential attacks and provide countermeasures to such attack. This paper will serve as a summary of the review of literature of 26 articles regarding cyberwarfare in an effort to synthesize the current research on the topic. AI has put in a new perspective how Decision Support Systems (DSS) improve defense. DSS implemented today are in place to stop and deter in the shortest possible amount of time a cyberattack, and assist cyber defenders in finding the correct response that can only happen with the different types of DSS available.

Juan M. Padrón and Ángel Ojeda-Castro
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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