Crossbreeding, description and quality attributes of three indigenous chickens

The main objective of this review was to find out how much has been done on crossbreeding, description and quality attributes of Ovambo,Potchefstroom Koekoek and Venda chicken breeds. These three chickens are the most available indigenous chicken breeds in South Africa. However, many studies need to be done on these three different indigenous chickens. Thus, crossbreeding, description and quality attributes are essential to be identified on these chickens. Crossbreeding is beneficial for two primary reasons. First, a well-designedcrossbreeding system allows the combination of desirable traits of the breeds involved in the cross while masking some of the disadvantages of the breeds. The second benefit arises from heterosis, which is often referred to as hybrid vigour. It is very important to distinguish the description of the animals that can benefit the breeders to breed for quality attributes such as meat color, pH meter and meat tenderness.

Thobela Louis Tyasi and Masibonge Gxasheka
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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