A correlational relationship among sleep behavioural pattern with university examination performance in first year mbbs students: a cross-sectional study

Background: The relationship between the sleep and food habits with exam performance is insufficiently addressed Aim: This study was aimed to assess the prospective relationship between sleep habits and food habits with academic performance in first year MBBS students Methods: This study was conducted between June to August 2014 at Sri Muthukumaran Medical College and included all the 150 students both males and females of 18-20 age group of first MBBS who were appearing for University examinations. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed to assess demographics, sleep and wake schedule, sleep habits, sleep duration and food habits. Results: The final analysis included 150 students (Females: 97, Males: 53). Sixty students (40%) had outstanding performance, and ninety students (60%) had average performance in their University examinations. The average group had a higher percentage of students who felt sleepy during morning hours. In contrast, the outstanding performance group had an earlier bedtime. Conclusion: Decreased nocturnal sleep time and increased daytime sleep are negatively associated with University examination performance in first MBBS students.

Anandarajan, B., Kouser banu, K., Prathipa, A., Muthukumar, S., V.S. Dorairaj. Teena Lal,
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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