Contribution of al-zahrawi in the field of orthopaedics

Abu Al-QasimKhalafbin Abbas Al Zahrawi(A.D.936-1013)known to west by his Latin nameALBUCASIS, was simply the greatest Muslim surgeon,with European surgeons of his time coming to regard him as agreater authority than even Galen.What is known about Al Zahrawi is contained in his only written work Al-TasrifLimanAjiza’Min At- Ta’lif (The Method Of Medicine). Al-Tasrifis medical encyclopaedia of 30 volumes compiled from medical data that AL ZAHRAWI accumulated in a medical career that spanned five decades of teaching and medical practice.The last and largest volume of Al- TASRIF on surgery was nothing less than the greatest achievement of medieval surgery. The variety of operations covered is amazing. In this treatise Al-Zahrawi discussed fas’d (bloodletting),mid-wiferyand obstetrics, the treatment of wounds, the extraction of arrows, and setting of bonesin simple and compound fractures.He wrote extensively about injuries to bones and joints,even he mentioned fractures of nasal bones and of the vertebrae.In fact, Kocher’s Method for reducing dislocated shoulder was described in Al-Tasrif long before Kocher was born. Al Zahrawi has described nearly 35 diseases regarding bones discussing their principle of management and surgical procedures. The details will be discussed in full length paper.

HafizIqtidar Ahmad Ahmer, S.M., Sartaj Ahmad Ferasat Ali
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