Consumers faced problems with solar water heater

Solar energy is renewable free source of energy. Solar energy is certainly not a new concept. It has been long realized that, despite the low energy density of the incoming insolation, solar radiation has a large potential as an energy source. Solar power is one of the alternatives to the electricity. Solar power is clean green electricity that is created from sunlight, or heat from the sun. One of the popular devices that harness the solar energy is Solar Hot Water System (SHWS). The objective of the study is to find out what are the problems faced by the consumer while using solar water heater. A standard questionnaire was framed which was used for data collection. One hundred samples were taken in Hyderabad city for this study. The data subjected to analysis and the findings of the study reveals that solar water heater not working properly in rainy and winter season problem was faced by the maximum of the respondents. Chi-square analysis showed that there was no significant association between age and level of consumer satisfaction. However, there was a significant association between education, income, type of family and type of building and level of consumer satisfaction.

Bhavya Padmini, C.H., Vijaya Lakshmi, V. and Radha Rani, P.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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