Co-relation of pranavaha srotas and rasavaha srotas with reference to their moolasthana

∬Pranavahe dwe tayormoolam hridayam rasavahinyaschya (pranvahinyashchya)dhamanya:∬ su.sha.9/12 ∬ tara pranavahanam srotasam hridayam moolam mahasrotasam ch∬ ∬Rasavahanam srotasam hridayama moolam dasha cha dhamanya ∬ cha.Vi. 5/7 Sharir Rachana is basic subject of medical science. Hence concepts of Sharir should be cleared. Ayurveda gives various ideas of Sharir, which should be explained on the modern basis. Strotas is one of Ayurvedic term & one of the basic concept of Ayurveda. Acharya Charak had explained srotas as medicinal view while Sushrut had explained strotas according to surgical aspect. Pranavaha strotas and Rasavaha strotas are important strotas, which carry Prana and Rasa all over body. By studying these strotas mulasthana, vidha laxanas & vahana, also by studying concern reference regarding pranvaha &Rasavaha strotas etc. idea of these strotas are explained, how they are related to respiratory & cardiovascular system. It will be helpful to people concern to ayurveda to clear ideas regarding strotas as well as Pranvaha & Rasavaha strotas .How Pranavaha & Rasavaha strotas are corelated to heart,lungs and other structures like pulmonary artery and pulmonary vein is elaborated in this article. In modern science this correlation of Pranavaha & Rasavaha strotas may called as cardiopulmonary system.

Dr. Pallavi M. Patil and Dr. Meena Bhujade
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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