Automatic detection and measurement of abdominal circumference in fetal ultrasound images

This study provides a new technique to determine the Abdominal Circumference (AC) of fetal in Ultrasound Images (US), the research presents an automated way to measure the circumference of the abdomen, the measurement process has applied to several ultrasound images without pre-processing step.We used the Hough Transform to detect the circuit that represents the abdomen inUS images. Before we apply Hough Transform, we convert the input gray-scale image to binary one, then we apply morphological operations to connect the converging regions and removing small objects in image, finally we use edge detector to find high-level pixels in image to insert it to Hough transform stage. We calculate AC via the radius which resulted from the output circle. The proposed method showed good performance to achieve substantial convergence between the manual measurement by a specialist doctor and the automated measurement results. The success rate up to have achieved 96%.

Zaid Kraitem and Dr. Mariam Saii
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