Assessment of quantitative d.dimer level among sudanese smokers

Background: Cigarette smoking is one of the largest preventable causes of death and illness in the world, smoking does not just kill people, it ruins their lives through chronic illness, including respiratory disease, peripheral vascular disease and non-fatal stroke, cigarette there are may different varieties of cigarette tobacoo,it is has been suggested that smoking –related diseases and thrombosis. Purpose: This study aimed to assess D. dimer level in Sudanese smokers. Methods: Seventy five Sudanese smokers were recruited to participate in this cross-sectional study; D.dimer quantitative level was determined for each participant from citrated plasma by quantitative immunoassay using I.CHROMA TM Kit and reader. Results: In this study increase duration of smoking more than 10 years was significantly associated with the elevation in the D.dimer. The results were correlated with age, number of cigarette; Duration of smoking was correlated with the D.dimer Conclusion: In summary we concluded that D-Dimer is significantly elevated among Sudanese cigrate smokers.

Sara Amir Abd Elkarim and Hiba BadrEldin Khalil
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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