Assessment of dietitians & nutritionists knowledge and practice of applying nutrition care process in khartoum state hospitals

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are expected to engage in best-practice care to address nutrition-related conditions in a multidisciplinary manner. The present study is descriptive case finding which conducted in four hospitals, Ahmed Gassim hospital, Ibn Sina, Omdurman educational and Al Ribat university hospital in Khartoum state, during the period from January 2016 to April 2016.sample size included 52 dietitians. The study objective was to assess dietitians and nutritionist knowledge and practice in hospitals. Data gathered through questionnaire. Most of participants were female (88.5%). All of them were either B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree holders (44.2%) specialized human nutrition, (30.8%) specialized in human nutrition and dietetics. The majority of the participants had licenses (75%) and (36.5%) of them had experiences from (2-5) years. The result revealed that only (23.1%) of the participants remembered four steps of NCP, and (21.2%) of the them understanding the steps of NCP very well. More than half of participants(57.5%) did not have concomitant tools such as tape(MUAC), (38.5%) of participants never make nutrition diagnosis to their patients,(46.2%) did not calculate meal for the patients, (26.9%) of participants applied NCP, while (36.5%) applied NCP in some cases. Significant relationship was found between Practicing NCP in the hospital & Making documents (p value = 0.00).The study concluded that most of the participants measured anthropometric indices, but they did not calculate diet according to patients needs and recommended that more training and courses should be provide to increase knowledge and update information to the dietitians and nutritionist.

Raga Khalil Abdalla Musa, Dr. Somiya Gutbi salim and Dr. NagemEldien Alsir Alhassan
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Int J Inf Res Re
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