Assessing the effectiveness of credit management in selected savings and credit co-operatives in Rwanda

The purpose of this study was to find out the effectiveness of credit management in selected SACCOs of Intarutwa and Umurenge in Rwanda. Descriptive design was used in this study and Slovene’s formula was also used to determine a sample size of 132 respondents from 198 study population and the sampling was done by the use of simple random and purposive sampling techniques. Self-administered questionnaires and interview guides were used as research instruments for data collection. Both qualitative and quantitative data analyses were employed. Frequencies and percentages were used to determine the effectiveness credit management. Study findings reveal that credit management in the selected SACCOs was effective (mean of 2.60); The study recommended improvements should be made in the areas of cost effectiveness in collecting credits from clients; framework for the entire credit management exercise; disbursement and portfolio management up to loan repayment; establishing positive strategies instead of negative strategies that can encourage clients of the SACCO repay their loans on the agreed period of time; recruitment and training of special people in the assessment of client, their classification; and ensuring transparency in credit management.

Mr. David Ongabi Nyambane, Mr. Isaac Mokono Abuga and Mr. Michael Nyasimi Manyange
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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