Analysis of physico- chemical parameters and correlation coefficient of ground water samples in residential area of east zone of central India

In the present study twenty sampling location were selected from study area. These factors influence the water resources quantitatively and qualitatively the parameters live temperature, pH, turbidity, total hardness, TDS, dissolved oxygen (DO), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), nitrate, sulphate and phosphate for water analysis. The mean values of each parameter together with its standard deviation (SD) and coefficient of variation (CV) were calculated. The present study deals with the various relationship derived statistically by calculation ‘r’ and‘t’ among the physic-chemical parameters. BOD, COD and phosphate are exceeded the permissible limit by WHO in most of the ground water samples.

Indra Prasad Tripathi and Arvind Prasad Dwivedi
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