Achievements and implications of hiv prevention of mother-to-child transmission among women of reproductive age: a systematic evaluation of haf ii project in bayelsa state, Nigeria

Background: Although some progress has been reported in scaling up of access to prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) services in Nigeria, much work remains to be done. This paper presents achievments and implications of HIV prevention programme conducted among women of reproductive age in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Methods: Three civil society organizations were engaged by Bayelsa State Agency for the control of AIDS to carry out this project and funded under the HIV and AIDS Fund (HAF) II project. The estimated sample size for this intervention was 54,296 women of reproductive age within 15 and 49 years and minimum prevention package intervention (MPPI) was adopted in the implementation of this project. Data were documented using various Monitoring and Evaluation tools and entered on the DHIS2 platform. The analysis was carried out using Microsoft Excel and presented using tables and charts. Results: The number of community dialogues held during this intervention was 95 and 831 influencers participated. The number of peers registered during this project was 6,689. The total number of condoms required was 78,869 but only 48809 condoms were distributed. A total of 5289 (79.1%) of the registered peers were reached with all the three stages of MPPI and 60360 (111.2%) women were reached with HCT. Among these, 377 (0.6%) were tested positive to HIV. Conclusion: Despite the appropriate use of structural intervention which reflected positive achievements in the biomedical intervention, the behavioural intervention recorded very low achievements. Future PMTCT programmes should ensure adequate participation of women on peer education activities.

Ademola L. Adelekan, Temple R. Iluma, Bibipoki P. Obenebo, Umoru A. Eric, Dauseye F. Torki, Enuma Charles, Adetunji Adetayo, Diepreye Alagoa, Eunice Sammy-Boy,Olu Segun Adeoye and Michael Olugbile
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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