“Analysis of the employability of the fourth year bachelor of science in business administration major in marketing management in ifugao state university (ifsu)”

This study is designed to determine the skills, knowledge, personal values as well as trainings, seminars and workshops needed for the employability of marketing management graduates, this study was conducted in 18 government and non- government establishments which are the On-The-Job- Training partners of the business administration department of the College of business and Management of Ifugao State University. It also captures the nature of the graduates problems and difficulties. The respondents were the direct supervisors of the trainees. Findings showed that majority of the respondents are engage in selling appliances. For the determinants of employability, knowledge in understanding consumer behavior is the most important asset that IFSU marketing graduates should possess. Ability to manage time effectively and productively and ability to work collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal are the most important generic skills while the ability to sell on professional basis is the most important technical skills that they should possess. Demonstrating the values of honesty in the work place as well as leadership quality are the most important personal values. Training on communication skills is also deemed essential. It also showed that dealing with clients is a major problem that IFSU marketing graduates encountered. Their seemed to be no significant differences on the determinants of employability as perceive by the OJT partners when grouped according to the type of establishments but it had a bearing on personal values when grouped according to the same criterion.

Moses B. Appoy
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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