“The marketing viability of an improve native rice cake delicacy product in ifugao”

This experimental study is focused in the evaluation of the marketing viability of an improve Ifugao native rice cake delicacy known as “Benakle”. It seeks to evaluate the acceptability of its appearance, smell/aroma, taste, texture and shelf life span using two test. The experiment consists of six treatments using two types of flavors the natural and artificial flavors in the process. Interview, observation and questionnaires were randomly distributed to the evaluators to assess the potentials of the products. Using the mean to evaluate each of the treatments overall acceptability and marketability the study arrived at these findings. The f-test was also used to test the difference of the two test administered. It reveals that there is a high level of acceptability and high level marketing potential of the improved and flavored rice cake delicacy (benakle). However, the “ube” flavor obtains the highest acceptability and marketability rating. It also concludes that there is no significant difference between the two tests administered.

Moses B. Appoy
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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