“A clinical comparative study of the efficacy of karanj taila yoni pichu dharan and udumbaradi taila yoni pichu dharan in the management of kaphaja yonivyapada’’

Now a day’s women have to bear all the responsibilities from both the domestic point of view as well as the external matters. Lack of proper nutrition due to busy schedule and lack of proper rest are the additional factors. She is also subjected to do the dharanof Adharaniya Vega due to a lot of office work. Psychological factors that include mental and emotional stress. The cumulative effect of night shifts, junk food, and the physical and mental stress from the home and office, gives rise to many diseases, Kaphaja Yonivyapada is one of them,having Yonigat shwetastrav, Yonikandu and Yonivedana as Pradhanlakshan. In thisComparative study, Karanj taila(Trial ) and Udumbaradi taila (Control) Yonipichudharanin 60 patients show significant reduction In symptoms of Kaphaja Yonivyapada.

Dr. Pradumn Sunil Ambekar and Dr. Deshmukh,
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